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The roots of a tree serve two critical functions: 1. They absorb and store necessary nutrients for the tree to grow and remain healthy. 2. They anchor the tree in the face of high winds or big storms. No wonder the Bible uses the imagery of a tree repeatedly when describing the life of faith! When we are deeply “rooted” into Jesus we receive what we need for our faith to grow and remain healthy! When we are deeply “rooted” into Jesus we are anchored to a firm foundation that remains strong and steadfast in the face of the storms of life. You are invited to join us for the “Rooted” Bible Conference Sept. 19-21 with Dan DeWitt. Our prayer is that the Lord will use our time together to renew us, refresh us, and help us to be “rooted” into Jesus! Dan is the founding director of the Center for Apologetics and Public Christianity at Cedarville University, an author of multiple books, and posts regularly at theolatte.com.
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