IF:2023 is a worldwide gathering of women focused on equipping and encouraging each other in discipleship. We all want to stay faithful everyday, but we know we cannot do this on our own. This is a time to remind each other that God is who we need, He will provide, and together we can change the world.
Hear from Jennie Allen, Sadie Robertson Huff, David Platt, Christine Caine, Jada Edwards, and more. Attend at First Christian Church in Columbus or Central Christian Church in Seymour. This is a replay of the event. Speakers will appear via pre-recorded video.
The conference is only $20 and includes lunch on Saturday from Chick-fil-A! The menu will be a regular chicken sandwich, chips, and chocolate chip cookie, with sweet and unsweet tea and lemonade.
What to bring:
– Bible, notebook/journal, pen
– Wear layers to keep you comfortable
– Water Bottle, if desired
IF:2023 will be April 21 from 6:45 – 8:45 pm and April 22 from 9:00 am – 1:45 pm. Link to tentative schedule: IF 2023.
While the registration deadline has passed, seats are still available. Also, we never want the cost to be the reason you don’t attend. If you’d like to attend and still need to sign up or need assistance with the cost, please contact Keith Maddox.