Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!..


As a child I have VERY fond memories of Country CHRISTmas with my Family.  Country  CHRISTmas you ask?  We ice skated on the lake….Daddy would plow the snow off of the lake…my Brother, Jeff, would build a bonfire near the lake so we could get warm and later, we would roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire for lunch.  Momma watched from the house and made us yummy cocoa.  We would ice skate, play hockey and just have fun for hours on end, or until our clothes got so wet we had to go inside, whichever came first.  We had lots of neighborhood friends…and ice skates in every size imaginable.  Nana and Papa were always there to help and watch us kids have fun…always reminding us “the reason for the Season.”
We went into the woods as a family…Daddy and Jeff equipped with saws…and Momma and I just there for support.  We were in search of the “perfect” tree…each year we always found the perfect tree.  One year we picked a 13 ft tree and Momma and I spent hours homemaking CHRISTmas ornaments to fill it up.  
Dinners with Friends and Family alike….would go on for hours.  One year we turned all the lights out in the house…only candlelight and sang CHRISTmas carols until we could sing no more.  
I tell you this not to share my idealistic childhood, but pray and wish you a Country CHRISTmas in 2017.  It’s not easy…the World tries to take over CHRISTmas too.  I can’t wait to “be still” and enjoy my Friends and Family for another Country CHRISTmas.  Be Blessed!
Merry CHRISTmas
from WYGS, Jimmy, Matt, and Melissa!